Monday, January 26, 2009

Work Weekend

We were both wearing pink

Claire and Grandma dancing

Shake it!

Well, I had to work Friday and Sunday this weekend which wasn't too bad. Bucky's parents came down Friday to help with Claire. She had a good day Friday with me in the morning, Ashley in the afternoon, and the Streets in the evening. Saturday morning she got up happy and ready to play. Mrs. Street and I stayed around here most of the morning playing with Claire and what not. Bucky and his dad went to the feed store. While Claire was asleep, we all got ready. We ate lunch here and then I helped Bucky some. Bucky has a HUGE shop (2600 sq ft). He just throws things in there and has honestly not done much in it since we moved here 2 years ago! It was in desperate need of some attention. We spent the afternoon organizing and going through stuff. It is like a store out there. He has the most random things and a lot of it! The only thing that kept him motivated was a burn pile. We started burning some stuff like an old swing so Bucky kept going through things to burn. He likes to keep the fire going. He is pretty much a pyromaniac. We almost got finished before Bucky and his dad went hunting out back. It was super frustrating to me that we didn't get all the way done. Oh well. It is much better. After no luck with the deer, we all went to eat at Good Ole Boys with the Harkins.
Sunday, we got up and ready. I went to work and the Streets went to church with Bucky and Claire. Claire had fun with her grandparents and Bucky while I was at work. She is really becoming more independent. She likes to feed herself and can entertain herself pretty well. She is a mess! We don't have much planned this week. Hopefully we can see some of our friends and run some errands. Hope everyone has a great week!

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