Thursday, April 29, 2010

South Carolina

This past weekend, we went to visit our friends in Beaufort, SC. We left Thursday when Bucky got home and went around 250miles. We spent the night and got up the next morning and drove the rest of the way. We had a great time with the Harkins. Claire loves playing with Smith and Larson. We went to Larson's baseball game on Friday night. Saturday, we all got up and drove to Charleston, SC which was about an hour away. We went to a children's museum which was great. Then we ate lunch and walked around Market Street. I could have spent days in Charleston. It was so lovely. On our way home, we stopped at a famous tree called Angel Oak. That is where all the pictures were taken. We ate a lot of shrimp and good food, thanks to Mary. We enjoyed our trip and spending time with our good friends.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2nd Birthday Celebration (Part 2)

Claire wearing the precious outfit Elyse made for her 1st birthday. Thank goodness it still fits!
Caroline and Claire in the playhouse Bucky and I got her for her birthday.

Kate and Tee
Caroline riding Bo when she should have been napping!

Claire and Caroline enjoying an afternoon snack on the porch.

Then a nice swing

Kate trying out the new swing.


Gran and Claire

The three amigos.

Claire LOVES her cousins. She asks for them daily.

Daddy and Claire

Will and Daniel don't like to pose for pictures anymore

Claire doesn't mind at all

This weekend, both sides of our family came to Auburn to celebrate Claire's birthday. Everyone was here on Saturday. We had a fun day around the house and at A-day (for some of them). I didn't get many pictures of the adults probably because I was focused on the kids. Claire loves her cousins and she loves birthday parties so she had a great day on Saturday.
Sunday, Claire starting getting snotty again. We just finished a round of antibiotics for strep and an ear infection. I thought she might not be feeling well. And I was right. I got a call at work on Tuesday from Claire's daycare. She was running a slight fever. So I left and took her to the pediatrician. Bucky met me there. It turns out the strep and ear infection were not cleared by the first round of antibiotics. She also tested positive for RSV. Poor Claire can't catch a break. She is doing better today. She started a stronger antibiotic. We are going to the ENT next week to determine if she needs tubes and her adenoids removed. At this point, I am ready to do anything for her to get and stay well.
We are going to South Carolina tonight to see our friend's the Harkins. Claire is really excited. I think we all need a little vacation. Distraction is always good.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2nd Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

Ladybug and butterfly theme

Claire and Natalie painting flower pots


The craft table

Donn and Emeri

Joellyn and Sawyer. Rebecca and Leighton

Me and Claire

Tomoko and Ruca
Carla and Natalie

Cosby, Alan, and Ann Thompson

Caroline and Claire swinging with Gran

Laura, Michelle, Megan, and me

The food table

Caroline and Claire

The birthday girls

Claire eating her 2nd or 3rd cupcake

Lindsay and Camden

The Friday before Easter, we celebrated Claire, Natalie, and Ruca's 2nd birthdays with our playgroup. It was a beautiful day spent at a local park with lots of family and friends. My mom even came down and brought Caroline. We are so blessed to have such a great playgroup with fun moms and friends. They made Claire's birthday celebration so special. This weekend, we are having our family celebration. So, I will have another birthday post.
On a side note, Claire has been sleeping in her twin bed. It has been in her room forever. Bucky and I used to sleep there some when Claire was little. Recently, she has been giving us a hard time going to bed. I think mostly because she was sick. Anyways, Bucky started laying with her in the twin bed until she fell asleep. We decided to get some bed rails and try it out. She slept all night last night without a peep. I guess lots of milestones come with the 2nd birthday too.....