Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This past weekend, my sister and her family came to Auburn for a visit. The kids were really good and we enjoyed their company so much. Bucky loves visiting with Jason (my brother-in-law). And of course, I cherish every moment with my sister. We only wish we could see them more. Saturday, after playing around our house, we loaded up 4 kids (ours plus Larson) and went to campus. I would say we were there about 5 minutes before it started sprinkling. Tiger Walk was postponed, again. We barely made it back to our cars in the monsoon. We went to Burger King instead. The kids got some energy out on the dry, indoor playground. Sunday morning, we brought them up to campus to get some pictures. We had so much fun with the Jowers!

Friday night at the block party. Larson is like a cousin or brother to Claire so I included him too!

Happy 2nd Birthday Caroline and 62nd Dad! They share September 14 birthdays!

The weekend before last, we went to Birmingham for two birthday parties. My niece, Caroline turned two. That is hard to believe. We also went to Colton, our second cousins' birthday. He turned three and he was way too busy for a picture! Claire had a ball at both parties. She loved the blow up jump houses and ball pit. We enjoyed our quick trip to celebrate two special little people's birthdays!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Future Auburn Cheerleader?

Auburn Block Party

Auburn Block Party

Laura Cobb, me, & Claire

Me, Claire, Emeri, & Tyler

Waiting for the band

Hanging out at the baseball fields before the game


Doesn't she fit right in?
Cheering with the cheerleaders

Loving on Aubie. She must think he's a big stuffed animal.

Although we are both Auburn Alum and live in Auburn, Bucky and I do not regularly tailgate. However, we do want Claire to be a part of Auburn University and the fun of football season. The city of Auburn has been closing down Magnolia every Friday night before home games. We stumbled into this event on the first game. Claire had a BALL. I mean she really hammed it up. So, we came back the next week. The band was running late, so it was not as much fun. But, Claire loved seeing all the other kids. This week we didn't get to go Friday night because I had to work. So, we took Claire to campus on Saturday in hopes of going to the Tiger Walk. It got rained out, but we still had some fun with Aubie and the cheerleaders. Claire was not afraid at all. She loves Aubie and talking about Auburn. Who knows what that will lead to one day. Cheerleader? SGA President? Miss Auburn? A mother can only dream....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

War Eagle!

Claire and Natalie sporting their Auburn attire
Me and Claire with my friends from college, Emily & Josh Bridges

Gran & Claire at Tiger Walk

View from on top of PePaw's shoulders

Claire in her new Auburn stroller courtesy of Grandma & Granddaddy (as well as all of her other Auburn items; dress, shoes, bow, bloomers, cheerleading outfit, tiger, etc)

Friday, Mrs. Street and I took Claire to have some pictures made. The one at the top of the blog as well as these in her Auburn dress were what we got. Not a single one was bad. How could it be when you look like that! Anyways, we had a good weekend seeing both sides of the family. Claire was eating up all of the attention. I think she gets bored with me sometimes. We look forward to visiting our other family and friends this fall down on the Plains. War Eagle!