Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I have always felt I had a natural maternal instict.  I have always loved children.  I loved babysitting and teaching sunday school.  Children are just the sweetest little sponges that thrive on your love.  So, becoming a mother was something I knew I was put on this earth to do.  Thank goodness that was in God's plan for me too.  Because He gave me the two greatest blessings in my daughters.  They teach me so much everyday.  Much more that I could ever teach them.  I am so thankful to be their mother, each and every day!

Claire's First Dance Recital

Claire had her first dance recital last weekend (the day before Mother's Day).  I had seen her class practice the recital piece at the end of class every week.  Sometimes Claire would do great but other times she was just silly.  So, I had NO idea what to expect.  Well, there was a huge improvement from her December demonstration.  And not just her, the whole class!  Claire did great.  She smiled and did the whole dance really well.  I was proud.  So, I guess we will stick with ballet.  I hope it is something she will stick with and love.  But knowing her, by the time she is 10, she will be with Bucky every weekend riding horses!  That would be good too :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gulf Shores 2012


Bucky and I planned a beach trip about a month ago.  We were able to get the same condo we stayed in when Claire was Shelby age.  We really looked forward to this trip for weeks so we could both have a 'vacation' from reality.  Claire and Shelby had fun at the beach.  Shelby was a busy little bee who finally started liking the ocean on the last day!  Claire loved playing in the sand and relaxing!  Bucky and I enjoyed our time together and with our girls.  Hope we can go back soon!