Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Digging in the Easter candy

The playgroup swarms the cheerios

This is how Claire spent most of Tuesday's playgroup
I have tried several times to get an 11 month shot (a few days late).

Since it has been raining a lot, we have spent most of the past few days around here. Bucky had Thursday and Friday off because of the weather. He and Claire were able to play together a lot. The Street's came this weekend. We got some stuff done Saturday and ran some errands. Claire was pretty clingy. She has been trying to cut one of her top teeth for a while. She was up most of Saturday night/Sunday morning. We haven't had a night like that in a while. Thank goodness Mrs. Street took over early Sunday morning so I could go back to bed. I worked Sunday. Bucky and his dad almost finished the screened-in-porch. It is so nice. Too bad it has been wet and chilly or Claire and I would be out there more. We are going to get our ferns and flowers this weekend, so I will post some final pictures soon. Claire and I have spent the past 2 days together. I am glad to be back on my normal work schedule. We had playgroup over here yesterday. Claire wanted me to hold her most of the time. She came around a little at the end. I think she is feeling better and I am pretty sure the tooth broke the skin because she slept her normal 11 hours last night. Maybe we can get a good 11 month picture soon.
Happy Easter from our little Bunny!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What we've been up to...

Claire and Daddy watching cartoons on Sunday morning
Claire and Natalie at the park

Digging in the diaper bag
Claire playing outside with Bud

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy and a little lazy with my picture taking. Not to mention I haven't printed any pictures since Christmas. Way behind! I have been working a little extra to help one of my partners out. I really don't miss working 40 hours a week. You wouldn't think 10 hours a week would be that different, but it is! I will be happy for things to go back to normal next week. But then I have to start getting ready for the BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY. I cannot believe it is already here. Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fun for Everyone!

Elizabeth, Lori Beth, Me, and Claire
Watching the rain

Last BabyGym
Thursday was a our last BabyGym. I haven't decided if we are going to do it again or not. It is kind of a bad time for Claire's nap schedule. We'll see. She really likes going so hopefully we can work something out. I worked Friday. I met Bucky and Claire at Good Ol' Boys after work. She was really good and ate a lot. But when she was full, she really wanted to get down and play. It was hard to distract her while we finished eating. Saturday, Claire and I got up and hung around the house. It was raining, so we didn't try to go anywhere. We got ready and met one of my sorority sisters, Elizabeth, to go to a shower. Another pledge sister, Lori Beth, is getting married in May. Some of her family had her a shower about 30 minutes from our house. It was really nice. Claire was good but a little stand-offish. She wasn't too sure about me leaving her. We came home and played. Bucky got home from the last field trial of the season. I got to go to the gym. I really like going. It makes me feel so much better. We ate dinner and Claire went to bed early.
We are waiting for her to wake up now so we can go to the 11:00 service. Maybe she won't cry the whole time. We'll see. Claire and I are going to see Laura and baby Allan today. Thanks for everyone who prayed for her. They are both home and doing great. Hope everyone has a great Spring Break, even if you are working!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Out of Quarantine!

Tasting a leaf
Waiting on the front porch for Daddy to come home

Trying to grab the camera

Enjoying grapes and mac & cheese
Well, things have been pretty puny around here. After Claire was starting to get over her cold, she got some sort of stomach virus. Poor thing! She threw up Friday while Bucky's parents were keeping her. We got her some medicine and she was fine Saturday. So, we all worked around the house trying to get ready for spring. Bucky is re-doing our screened in porch. It is going to be AWESOME. Mrs. Street helped me arrange the front porch too. It looks really good. BIG difference. I will post some pictures once everything gets done and we plant everything. I am really excited because I know we are going to be spending a lot of time outside. That has always been Claire's favorite place. Sunday, I worked so the Streets stayed to help with Claire. She threw up again. Sad. Monday, we literally stayed at the house all day. I thought it was going to be good. I really needed to clean and organize some stuff. Claire went down for her nap really easy and had been asleep for 1.5 hours. I got some stuff done, but not everything (no shower). She woke up crying. I was hoping she would go back to sleep because she does that sometimes. She got more upset so I went to get her to discover diarrhea everywhere. Poor thing! So, she pretty much wanted to be held the rest of the afternoon. I didn't get much done but I did enjoy spending time with Claire. Ashley came to keep Claire for a couple of hours this morning. I went to the gym, got my haircut, and went to the dentist. It is amazing what you can get done when you are solo! Claire and I went to Natalie's birthday playgroup. We wanted to go to her big party on Saturday, but we didn't want to expose anyone. Claire was glad to see her friends. She played and has been eating better today. Hopefully she is back to normal. We played outside this afternoon. Claire sat on the front porch and played with leaves for a good 30 minutes. She probably would still be out there!
Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Back to Normal

This is as far out as Claire made it in the snow
You can't see, but the horses are in the barn

My favorite picture looking up our driveway

The Harkins came to Auburn this weekend

Claire at BabyGym the day we found out she was sick.

We had a great weekend. I was off Thur-Sun which is awesome! Claire and I had a great day Saturday but Bucky did not. He left us early to go to a field trial in Union Springs. Not 5 minutes after he left us, the weather started getting bad. Claire and I watched it and actually ended up sitting in our office during tornado sirens. We heard on the news that a tornado touched down at Chewacla State Park which is about 3 miles from our house. No damage here, thankfully. Just the loss of cable for a couple of hours. I decided not to go meet Bucky for lunch since the weather was iffy. Instead, Claire and I met our friends, the Harkins for lunch. We then went and let Claire and Smith play. While we were there, Bucky called to inform us that the buyer was bringing the truck back. Not good. Bucky was really mad and has been for a few days. He was a really young kid and didn't know what he was buying. I think his dad got involved and now we have to start all over. I knew it was too easy. Anyways, Allie came up and we watched Nights in Rodanthe while the cable was out. After that, we went to eat at Good Ol' Boys with the whole Harkins family. We always have so much fun with them and we miss them a lot. Everyone came back to our house to eat birthday cake for Mary's birthday.
Sunday, I got up and went to church to help with the nursery. Even though there was snow, there were a few people at church but no babies. Claire stayed home with Bucky and slept for 3 hours. They didn't need me in the nursery, so I enjoyed the contemporary service by myself. It was nice to not have to worry about an unhappy baby in the nursery. I came home and we ate lunch. Bucky and I played with Claire and Robbie and Allie came up for a while. I went to the gym and then the boys rode horses in the snow. Everything looked really pretty, but we didn't get out and play like everyone else. It kept snowing/raining/sleeting. I knew Claire would get wet and cold so we just ran outside for a quick picture. I honestly wouldn't have made one if Allie hadn't asked.
UPDATE: Claire is doing much better. I can tell she feels good. She has been playing, napping, and eating really well. I feel bad I didn't take her earlier. She seems like herself now. She is so sweet and really enjoys attention from me, Bucky, and Ashley. I am glad she is better. I was worried!
Please keep our friend, Laura, in your prayers. She is 36 weeks and in labor right now. Her BP has been high so pray for a good, safe delivery.