Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rice Cereal

Tuesday night, we decided to let Shelby try some rice cereal. She doesn't really need it to gain weight or anything, but I thought it may help her sleep a little longer at night. Ha ha! No such luck. She wasn't too sure about it at first. I think Claire liked feeding her more than she liked eating it! We will try again in a few weeks.

Shelby at 4 months

Shelby went for her 4 month check-up this morning. Everything went well except she got a little tired by the end. She had just dozed off when they came in with the shots. Then she got really upset again! Poor baby. She calmed down pretty quickly after nursing and even went back to sleep while we ran in Kroger for a minute. Dr. Greer said everything looked great. We talked some about eating and sleeping, which are two very important points in infants! He listened to her heart and lungs and checked her ears. Here are her stats:

~14lb 11oz (75 percentile-- I looked back and Claire was 15lb even at her 4 mo appointment)

~24.5 inches long

~41 cm head (I think)

~still wearing size 2 diapers

~wears size 3-6mo and 6mo clothing

~her hair is getting so long and goes over her ears now

~she has been more vocal lately

~anything that comes near her hands or face, she grabs and puts in her mouth

~can roll from stomach to back but does this inconsistently

~she likes to sit in the bumbo on the bar so she doesn't miss anything

~her favorite person, by far, is Claire

~her nicknames include boo-boo (me), angel (Bucky), and baby doll (Claire)

~it is very easy to make her smile, although most pictures tell a different story

~she wakes up at 6am (or earlier) talking and ready to go for the day

~she really only fusses if she is tired or hungry

~she gets up twice a night to eat (around 11pm to 1am and 3 to 4am)

~she is still exclusively breastfed

~she usually takes 2 long naps and 2 short naps

~she loves her bath

~she likes to play on her play mat and pretty much anywhere Claire is

~she likes her swing

~she likes to be held facing outwards so she can see

~she is very flexible with her schedule and likes to get out and do things

~she is a very sweet baby who loves her family

Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 Months Old

So, Shelby wasn't that smiley for her 4 month shots today. But she didn't fuss. These were the best ones I could get without her fist in her mouth (her new favorite hobby). We go to the doctor in a week for weight check and shots, so I will post again with 4 month stats and her latest milestones. We love our Shelby and can't remember life without her!

Thursday, July 14, 2011