Thursday, September 10, 2009

War Eagle!

Claire and Natalie sporting their Auburn attire
Me and Claire with my friends from college, Emily & Josh Bridges

Gran & Claire at Tiger Walk

View from on top of PePaw's shoulders

Claire in her new Auburn stroller courtesy of Grandma & Granddaddy (as well as all of her other Auburn items; dress, shoes, bow, bloomers, cheerleading outfit, tiger, etc)

Friday, Mrs. Street and I took Claire to have some pictures made. The one at the top of the blog as well as these in her Auburn dress were what we got. Not a single one was bad. How could it be when you look like that! Anyways, we had a good weekend seeing both sides of the family. Claire was eating up all of the attention. I think she gets bored with me sometimes. We look forward to visiting our other family and friends this fall down on the Plains. War Eagle!


Malone Family said...

Those are the best pictures!!! She is so adorable!!! War Eagle! We missed this game b/c of my wisdom teeth. :(

Lauren Miller said...

I love the pictures yall had done! They are all so adorable!

Jack and Laura said...

Darling pictures!!!

Elyse said...

Love the outfits - and of course the little girl sporting them! She is so happy!!!