Saturday, September 19, 2009

Future Auburn Cheerleader?

Auburn Block Party

Auburn Block Party

Laura Cobb, me, & Claire

Me, Claire, Emeri, & Tyler

Waiting for the band

Hanging out at the baseball fields before the game


Doesn't she fit right in?
Cheering with the cheerleaders

Loving on Aubie. She must think he's a big stuffed animal.

Although we are both Auburn Alum and live in Auburn, Bucky and I do not regularly tailgate. However, we do want Claire to be a part of Auburn University and the fun of football season. The city of Auburn has been closing down Magnolia every Friday night before home games. We stumbled into this event on the first game. Claire had a BALL. I mean she really hammed it up. So, we came back the next week. The band was running late, so it was not as much fun. But, Claire loved seeing all the other kids. This week we didn't get to go Friday night because I had to work. So, we took Claire to campus on Saturday in hopes of going to the Tiger Walk. It got rained out, but we still had some fun with Aubie and the cheerleaders. Claire was not afraid at all. She loves Aubie and talking about Auburn. Who knows what that will lead to one day. Cheerleader? SGA President? Miss Auburn? A mother can only dream....


The Patterson Family said...

A future Phi Mu?!? Precious pics!

Krista said...

Meredith, I love your blog! Mindy sends me an email when it is updated. I had so much fun getting to see Clair with Mindy on Friday. She is adorable! Of course, I am going to be pulling for her to be a cheerleader over the other things!


Jill Jones said...

Meredith, Claire is so precious! I love seeing pictures. It looks like y'all have had a fun summer!!!

Elyse said...

OH!!! I love that little girl! You can see the happiness in her adorable little face! It just makes me smile!