Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bucky's Deer

I know some of you will appreciate this, so I wanted to brag on Bucky's deer a little bit. My parents and I came home yesterday afternoon around 5:00 to a very excited Bucky. He was out of breath and could barely talk. When he got home from work, he decided to go sit in a tree stand about 50 yards from our barn. He wasn't even out there 20 minutes and shot this HUGE buck. Now, I don't get too excited over stuff like this. I went down to the barn to take the camera and saw the deer. It was the biggest deer I have ever seen. It was as big as Bucky. He is an 8 point which is pretty impressive. Thankfully, my Dad was here to help Bucky get him up to the house. I think it was a great way for Bucky to start 2009.

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