Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend with the Stanfields

At the field trial

My hands were cold

Selah (2 & 1/2)

Levi (1)

Bucky, Claire, and Doc

I think she likes it

After bath, we cleaned out the toy basket and replaced with our baby dolls!
We had another great weekend. It is so much fun to see the world thru a child's eyes. Claire has become a great crawler very fast. She never really creeped or scooted, she just woke up and crawled. She is into everything! She is also pulling up which has caused a few spills. She seems fearless! I can just sit her down now and see her eyes light up as she spots something new to discover. A lot of times, she wants things that might hurt her (tables, heaters, etc). I have been working with her on 'no'. Her two reactions are to smile and keep doing it or cry like you really hurt her feelings. It is pretty funny.
Anyways, Friday, Claire and I got ready for our company. We stayed around here and got the house clean. After Claire's morning nap, we went to help one of our friends who is moving. I had gotten a bunch of boxes for her. We took those and stayed a couple of hours. She has a lot of packing to do. Then, we ran by Wal-Mart and came home. Bucky watched Claire while I finished my housework. I left them for bath and bed and I went to meet some of my friends. We were going to see 'Bride Wars' at 7:30. I got there at 7:20 and there were at least 100 people standing in line in 25 degree weathers. Needless to say, by the time we got to the front of the line, everything we wanted to see was sold out. We went to Ruby Tuesdays instead and had drinks and dessert. It was much more fun. We were able to talk and laugh.
Saturday morning, our friends the Stanfields came in from Blairsville, GA. They have two precious children, Selah and Levi. Brian and Bucky left to go the field trial about 40 mins from our house. Jenny and I stayed here and played with the kids. After everyone napped, got dressed, and ate, we all got in the car to go to the field trial. We went for lunch and to get out of the house. Selah really enjoyed the horses. It was pretty cold so we only stayed a little while. Just long enough for Bucky to show off his little girl. She really likes getting out and seeing the animals too. I am pretty sure she is going to end up liking the same things her Dad does. That would be okay with me. We came home and all 3 kids took a nap. I got dinner ready for us, the Stanfields, and the Harkins. We ate a lot and enjoyed our company. The kids played and took a bath together. The kids went to bed and I got to get in bed early too. It was nice.
Bucky let me sleep in a little this morning (6:45). That used to be early to me, but I would take that any day of the week now. Bucky and Brian piddled around outside and hunted. We played with the kids. Levi and Claire took a nap and everyone got ready and packed up. Bucky went back to the field trial and the Stanfields left a little before lunch. Claire has been helping me clean/wash. She played hard for about 3 hours and is napping now. I am trying to get everything finished up before our weeks starts over again. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!

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