Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy Bee

Just getting up from napClaire is always fired up after her bath!

Claire and I had a great day together, as we do most Thursdays. For some reason, I am off every Thursday. We always try to get out and do stuff together. This week, Claire didn't leave the house from Sunday to Thursday. She was very ready to get out and see the world! After a quick morning nap, we went to Baby Gym. It was a little different/smaller group than we are used to. Claire still had fun. It was definitely different now that she is crawling. She didn't get into as much stuff as I thought she would. After that, we went to the hospital to our breastfeeding group. We haven't been in almost a month so I was anxious to see what Claire weighed. She gained a pound in 1 month! She is 19lb 4oz. She definitely got our appetites. We played and ate lunch there. Claire took a few spills that really upset her. No permanent damage though. We ran by CVS and then headed home. Claire took a good afternoon nap while I did some piddling around the house. She got up and played until dinner. We ate, bathed, and now are winding down.
Tomorrow, we are going to help one of our friends who is moving. Maybe I can be a little distraction while they pack. I am going to see Bride Wars tomorrow night with some friends. I am super excited about that. Our friends, the Stanfields, are coming for the weekend. They have 2 really sweet children so that will be fun for everyone! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Carla said...

Oh, that movie looks funny; I hope it is good!

tracie said...

hey! i just wanted to let you know that lilipad is putting all of their winter and fall items at 65% off! i think they will update the website prices later today. AND strausburg has a great sale on as well...when are you coming back to b'ham?

tracie said...

ooops! i just read what i wrote--ofcourse you know i meant strasburg!!!

meredith.street said...

We should be coming the last weekend of Jan.