Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trip to Panama City

The only horse Claire can get on

Mr. and Mrs. Harkins, Walker and Kelly Davidsons, and Bucky and Claire

At the field trial

Riding in Kate's Barbie Jeep

This video is of Claire playing the other morning. It is not the one I meant to upload, but it took like 10 minutes so I left it. She had pulled all the toys out of her basket. You can see the little spot she was sitting. I put her in the basket, however, I have no doubt she could get in it herself!

Well, we have had a great time since I last updated. I worked Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Then the three of us headed down to Florida. Every year on this weekend is a big Field Trial in Ebro, FL. It is about 45 minutes from my sister's house. We haven't been in a couple of years, so we decided to go. Claire did great in the car. She watched her new DVD player most of the way down there. She couldn't take her eyes off of it! She doesn't watch much TV when I am with her, so this was a nice distraction from the long car ride. We stopped and ate in Dothan and Claire was fired up at the resturant. Claire and I dropped Bucky off at the field trial. I was really tired but did manage to drive the rest of the way to my sisters'. Once we got there, it took me a little while to get Claire to bed, but she was definately tired. Thankfully, my sister let us stay in Kate's room so Claire was able to sleep in a crib. She doesn't do well in pack-n-plays.

Saturday, we got up early. Will and Kate enjoy the early mornings like Claire. She was excited to have someone up to play with. Claire really enjoyed playing with her cousins and especially all their toys. Amanda and I cleaned out her closet. She got rid of a ton of clothes that she doesn't wear anymore. Amanda went to school. She is going back to get her teaching certificate. She already has her Bachelors from Auburn and MBA from Florida State. She is definitely the most educated person in our family. Jason and I hung out with the kids around the house. Once Amanda got home from school, we all headed to the field trial for dinner. The kids had a great time. Everyone really needed to get out of the house. We saw some friends and Bucky got to show Claire off to his buddies. They didn't believe Claire and I exist because we don't go with him ever. Kate had a big time dancing to the band.
Sunday, Amanda and I ran some errands while Claire took a nap. Then Claire and I left a little after lunch to go get Bucky. We took our time getting home. We came home and unpacked the car and all the animals.
I worked M,T,W. I am tired but done until Monday. Claire and I are going to BabyGym tomorrow and probably to run a few errands. I am trying to post a video so hopefully it works!

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She is too cute in that Barbie Jeep!