Sunday, February 8, 2009

Long Time, No Posts

Claire hugging the ball

In action

Claire (9months) and Berkley (2)

One of her new favorite ways to be held by Daddy

Celebrating Birthdays!

Gran (Ga-Ga) and Claire

Brady (2)

Claire was even happy to see her exersaucer
Well, the past two weeks have been a little hectic. Mainly, because we were in Birmingham the past 2 weekends. It just kind of messes up our little 'routine' and I use the word loosely. We went to Bham the first weekend in February to celebrate family birthdays with Bucky's side of the family. We enjoyed a busy Saturday seeing my mom, sister, and brother (and families) and then going to see Bucky's mom, sister, and cousins. We always have to pack a lot in when we are in Bham to get to see everyone (or more importantly, for them to see Claire). We came back early Sunday morning last week. Then I had a horrible work week. I worked Mon, Tues, Wed. I know I shouldn't complain, but it was rough! We had sick people and then are busiest week of the month. I was glad to leave Wednesday and not have to return until tomorrow. Claire and I got up early Thursday morning, packed the car, and headed back to Birmingham. We hung out with my brother and his family and Bucky's mom on Thursday and Friday. Saturday, we went to Decatur for a family baby shower for my cousin. Two of my first cousins (brother and sister) are both having babies soon. It was really nice to see them and my aunt and uncle. I am excited for their new babies! Saturday, when we got back, I ran up to see Brooke Patterson. She is doing amazing. I haven't seen her in forever, so it was nice to visit with her. This morning, Claire got up at her usual 5am. She was very whiny and my mom and dad weren't feeling well. So, we got in the car about 7:30am and came back home. Claire has been in a good mood since she's been home. I think she was ready to come home. We have been playing, doing laundry, and sitting outside with the dogs. It is our kind of Sunday.
Hope everyone has a great week! We have some Valentine's Parties this week so I will be sure and post some pictures.


The Patterson Family said...

Hey--it was so good to see you this weekend! It looks like ya'll had a lot of fun while you were here :)

The Basquins said...

Oh my gosh, I just laughed out loud. . .you have great taste in blog design! I redesigned mine over the past two days and then just visited yours for the first time in a while. Love it!!