Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 Months Old

10 months old!

Riding around in Daddy's old truck which is for sale if you want it!

Playing at Eilliana's

Looking outside at Eilliana's dog

Natalie and Claire

Stealing hair bows

Claire turned 10 months old this past Saturday. Time is really flying by. We have about one birthday party a week these days. Sometimes, we don't get to go to them. But, we always try. It is so much fun to see your friends children hit that HUGE milestone of being a year old. I can't believe Claire will be 1 soon. I don't think I am ready. In some ways, Claire is a big girl. But in some ways she is still a little baby who needs her Mom.
We have been busy the past week. We went to a birthday party and baby gym on our days off last week. This weekend, the Streets came to see Claire. We hung around here and ran some errands on Saturday. Sunday, we went to church at 9:30 and Claire cried pretty much the whole time in the nursery. She usually sleeps from 8:30-10:30 so it was not a good time for her. I joined the gym this weekend which was way overdue. I used to workout all the time before we moved to our current house. I am not very good a dieting or watching what I eat. The only way for me to keep things in check is to workout. I am going to try to go 3-4 times a week, but only on my days off. I decided it would be too hard on me and Claire to squeeze it in before or after work. We'll see. I went Sunday and Claire really liked staying in the daycare. There were some older children which she ate up. She thinks she is big.
Sunday night, our neighbor Robbie and his girlfriend Allie came to eat. We have made that a Sunday night ritual. Claire was not very good. She has been super whiny and clingy the past few days. She has been sleeping a good bit during the day which is out of character. She has a bad habit of getting up around 5am. I try everything I know to get her back to sleep. I am usually unsuccessful, so we get up. She then whines until her morning nap around 8am. It is not a fun morning, especially when I work until 10pm. I am not sure if she is growing, cutting teeth, or doesn't feel well. I am taking her to the pediatrician on Thursday to check everything out. She hasn't been since she was 6 months old, so I figure it is about time. Hopefully, it is nothing.
Hope everyone has a great week! Happy 10 months baby Claire! We love you!

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Poks said...

Love the play group pictures! I hope you'll keep posting them. Claire looks so cute. Our babies have just grown WAY too fast!! Riley will be one in just a couple of weeks. - Robin