Monday, November 17, 2008

War Eagle Anyways!

Claire had another fun weekend. She was wonderful. I think she is back to her old self. Mrs. Street came early on Friday. She had lots of hand-me-down clothes from Melanie and Alison (Bucky's first cousins). They are great! I kept everything except a few things that were monogrammed. We appreciate them so much! The 3 of us tried to go shopping down town but it started pouring so we turned around and came back. Bucky was home so we enjoyed a 4-wheeler ride while Claire and Mrs. Street took a little nap. I haven't been on the land behind us before. There is 70+ acres directly behind us owned by a local lady. She doesn't live there so Bucky rides his horse back there sometimes (with her permission of course). He took me back there on Friday and now I have a new goal. To buy that land! It is beautiful. I have always been a big dreamer. If only money were no object. Maybe one day... We all went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday's. Claire sat in the high chair and ate her baby food like a big girl.

Saturday was pretty laid back for me and Claire. Everyone went to the game and Bucky went to a field trial. We went to Wal-Mart kind of early. We came back and bundled up and swang. Bucky hung the swing for her by the goldfish pond. You can see the one we took down because no one ever sat on it. Claire came in and took a 2 and 1/2 hour nap. She NEVER does that. It was great. I cooked some and cleaned some and watched TV. Wonderful! She woke up and at dinner with us. Then our wonderful friends Brian and Selah Stanfield came over. They live in GA so we don't see them as much as we would like. Claire loved playing with Selah!

Sunday, the Mr. and Mrs. Street, Mindy, Jake, and Mr. and Mrs. Stanfield came over. They stayed for a short visit. Mindy and Claire played hard. Mindy was able to get her to take a 2 hour nap! Yeah again. She woke up happy. Bucky and I took her to the park. When we pulled up, our friends Emily and Graham were there. Claire and Graham swang together. It was cold so we came home. Then our friends Ali and Robby came up. Robby lives in our rental house. Bucky and Robby rode horses. Then Mr. Harkins, Walker, and Patrick stopped by. A lot of visitors in one day. But it was great! Claire loves the attention and activity.

We went shopping this morning for Christmas presents. Baylee met us at Tiger Town. It was a pretty successful run for only about 2 hours. Claire is napping now. I am going to Niffers for MNO and Bucky has a hunting club meeting tonight. Hope Claire has fun with sweet Ashley!

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Jack and Laura said...

Sounds like yall had a great weekend filled with lots of family and friends, yay for the long naps!!!