Saturday, November 8, 2008

New to Blogging!

After realizing how much I read other people's blogs, I decided to start one for our family. Maybe some of you will enjoy reading it. I will try to update it about once a week. It gets pretty busy around here!
We had a big day today. Yesterday, Bucky's Mom and Dad came down for the weekend. They let our babysitter leave early yesterday. We cooked hamburgers when I got home and had a nice night with Claire. She only got up one time and went right back to sleep. Yeah! Bucky left this morning for a field trial in Marion, AL. He is spending the night so his parents are staying with us tonight too.
Claire woke up very happy and told Daddy good bye. We played and got ready to go to the Tiger Walk. We met my brother and nephew there. We saw the Millers, Stanfields, and Rabrens while we are on campus. We ate lunch at the baseball field with my brother and Daniel. Daniel successfully threw a complete pass right into some man's drink which spilled all in his lap! He wasn't mad though. Claire and I came home and took a long nap. Then, the Streets got back and went to eat at Logan's. We had fun and Claire did really well sitting in the high chair the whole time. She ate some baby food and put everything in her mouth. She is a mess! After that, we went to the new Kohl's at TigerTown. Of course, we only bought stuff for Claire. We then came home, bathed Claire and everyone went to bed. Quite a day for a little squirt. She is the best baby. She just goes with the flow anywhere we take her. She is a true blessing!


Poks said...

Yeah!! So glad you started a blog. I look forward to following it. - Robin

Jack and Laura said...

Yeah, I love your blog!!!