Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teething, Birthday Party, and Baby Gym

Happy Birthday Lilly!

I guess she doesn't like the tunnel.

She does like the balls.
Claire, Dura, and Graham

Petting her horse.

Riding with Daddy!

Claire hasn't quite been her self this week. She normally plays and entertains herself with no problem. She is easy to make smile and is very talkative. She selpt from 8pm-6am on Monday night. I was super excited. I thought she would be fired up and ready to play. But she was kind of out of it. She just sat there. We went to our friend Lilly's 1st birthday party. Claire loves Lilly. They play together a lot. Most of our friends from the breastfeeding support group came. They are the best group of mommies and babies. We couldn't make it without them. There are some cute pictures of some of them. I had to leave before the end to go to work. Ashley, our sweet babysitter, came and picked her up. Claire had a rough afternoon and evening while I was at work. She again slept through the night and woke up crying at 6am. I know it's not going to be a good day if she wakes up crying instead of smiling. I hated to leave her, but this was my week to work 3 days in a row. It is hard but now I am off until Tuesday.

We went to our baby gym class today. It is a lot of fun. I think it is more of a work out for me than Claire. But I need it! She really loves the balls and the parachute. She just still didn't seem like herself. We then went to our group that meets at the hospital. We stayed a little while and went by CVS on our way home. I know it is crazy to go by work on your day off, but I like for my co-workers to see her since I talk about her the whole time I am at work. We came home and both took a nap together. That is my favorite. It helps her sleep longer and I can rest to. Bucky came home and took Claire for a 4-wheeler ride. That is when she really came to life. She sat at the dinner table with us and played with Daddy while I cleaned up the kitchen. She was talking and really having fun. Bucky can always make her laugh. She is now asleep and will hopefully rest well. I guess she is teething. Who knows! We are looking forward to seeing everyone who is coming down for the AU/GA game. War Eagle!


Carla said...

Cute pics!

meredith.street said...

Thanks! I hate I didn't get any of Natalie and Claire at the birthday party. I have your strawberry teether, by the way. I will bring it Monday.

Ally&Robbie said...

I love to pull up into Robbie's driveway and see Bucky riding the 4 wheeler with Claire! It's too cute!!

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