Wednesday, December 28, 2011

9 months

Another month flew by! These pictures were taken on 12-21 but we just went to the doctor today. So, I waited so I could post her stats. Shelby's personality is really coming out. She is a mess to say the least! She really likes playing with her sister and anything that is not intended for a baby. She climbs, crawls, and cruises around every where! She has gotten really fast. She usually smiles all day unless she is sleepy. She still likes to go places. Shelby is still nursing (with some formula) and has a great appetite. She has recently tried macaroni, lima beans, and a cinnamon roll. She liked it all! She did finally start getting one tooth on the bottom. Man, it is sharp too! She can really bite down on your finger now. She takes 2 naps a day and is not sleeping through the night. I am about to start weaning her some, so hopefully sleep will go hand-in-hand with that. She babbles all day and is constantly saying 'da-da'. She knows who he is too because you ask her where Dada is and she climbs on Bucky and smiles. She also squeals a lot, mainly out of excitment. And says 'hey' or some short of greeting.

Shelby is such a sweet little girl. Just today, Claire was crying about hurting her finger (being a little dramatic too). Shelby was sitting in my lap and kept hugging Claire. She was finally about to cheer up her big sister by being so sweet. Her nickname 'Sweet Shelby' definately suits her!

Weight: 19lb 3oz (60th percentile)

Height: 27in (50th percentile)

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