Monday, December 8, 2008

What a fun weekend!

Hanging out by the campfire in our backyard

Michelle & Greg Pettey and baby Mynes

Kerri and Clark Allen

Bucky and Tee


Bucky and Clark

Baylee and Ben Verar

Phillip and Lynsey Neighbors

We had a great weekend. It was busy, but so much fun! Friday, we had our Bunco Christmas Party at our house. We had so much fun doing it last year with our spouses, that we all wanted to do it again. We ate dinner, visited, and then all ended up by the campfire. We have such a wonderful group of friends. You are all so much fun. Claire was really good and went to bed fine. We did wake her up at 11:30 and despite many sweet people's efforts, she didn't go back to bed for a while. She didn't want to miss the party!

Saturday, Claire got up pretty early. We hung out with Bucky until he left for the field trial, then we both went back to bed. We got up and got ready and went down to Tuskegee for the field trial. It is only about 20 minutes from our house, so it was a good opportunity for Claire and I to go each lunch with Bucky. We had fun seeing most of his buddies. For those of you who don't know (which is probably most people), a field trial is a bird dog competition. You train your dogs and then compete them on horseback. Bucky has been doing it for almost 10 years. He got into with his best friend, Mr. Harkins. I am happy to say that they won 1st place with their dog, Trouble. Claire and I came home and she took a nap. We watched the SEC championship by the fire and all went to bed early.
Claire's first time on Doc

And I wonder why people tell me she looks like him!

Sunday, Bucky got up early to go hunting. Claire and I played at the house and got ready. She helped me fix food for Laura Anglea's baby shower. I had to leave at 12:30 for the shower to help set up. Our sweet friend, Jena, came over and kept Claire all day. The shower was so much fun. I think is more fun to plan and host the shower for the hostesses! Elyse was sweet enough to offer her house. She has a great house for entertaining and all of the necessity's we need. Laura is having a little boy in March. Claire is the only girl so far in the Bunco group. Maybe one day, someone will have a little girl to be in Claire's Bunco group. I came home and got ready to go to Bucky's company Christmas Party. I always look forward to it because he works with a lot of nice people. We are both very blessed to work with people we truly like and respect. They are not just our friends from work, they are our friends. We had a great time. I am thankful that Bucky has a job that he likes because that is not always easy to find.

We had a great weekend! Next weekend will be just as busy. Hopefully we will get some rest at work this week! Ha! Say a little prayer for Bucky. He is starting at his new job site in Montgomery this week. It is at Carver High School which is not in the best area. He will be there for at least 2 years. Wish him luck!

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The Basquins said...

I hate to have missed the party but it looks like y'all had much fun!!