Monday, December 15, 2008

Running Around like a Crazy Person

At the CVS Christmas Party

Opening Santa gifts from the Streets

Colton Elkins

Callan Elkins

Opening gifts from Bucky's cousins

Last week was pretty normal. I worked Monday and Tuesday. Claire and I went Christmas shopping on Wednesday. Wednesday night we were hoping to go Santa shopping but Bucky had to work late. I took advantage of the babysitter and went to eat with my mom's group. Thursday we went to Baby Gym, the hospital, and to Wal-Mart. I had to work Friday until 10pm.
Saturday, we got up and left for Birmingham at 7:30am. We went straight to Olan Mills to have a picture made with all 5 of my parent's grandchildren. Our appointment was at 10:00 which was supposed to be the first appointment of the day. Unfortunately, when we got there they were already behind. They had started making pictures at 9:00 because of the holidays. We had to wait over an hour. By then, all of the kids were tired. I think that we did get a cute picture for my mom. I am sure it would have been much better at 10! Bucky and I then left my family to go meet his family for lunch at Michael's at 11:30. We ate with his mom, dad, sister, aunt, cousins, and their kids. We went back over to the Street's to open presents. Claire had a big time playing with her new toys. She is the sweetest baby. She was so patient at Olan Mills and at lunch. She just goes with the flow. She didn't fuss one time. After most of the family left, I got Claire to go down for her nap. Then, I headed over to my parents house to go to the Rockettes with them at 4:30. It was awesome! We saw them last year in New York. Of course, it wasn't quite the same, but still a very good performance. I went back over to the Street's to open gifts with Bucky's parents, Mindy, and Jake. Claire racked up again. She loved playing with everything, but especially all the wrapping. Finally, after a long, busy day, we headed back to Auburn around 8:00.
Sunday, I had to work. Bucky got up and went hunting early. Claire and I got the house ready for the CVS Christmas party. Ashley came and kept Claire while I was at work. Bucky came home and cut up some trees that blew down during the rain last week. I got off at 6:00 and came home to do some last minute things before the CVS party at 7:00. We had a nice time eating Olive Garden and playing Dirty Santa. I ended up with a Joel Osmand book about Becoming a Better You. I am definately need that! I am lucky to work with such a great group of people. I have 2 great partners and tons of wonderful people that make my job a lot easier. It was fun to celebrate the holiday together.
Claire and I had a laid back Monday. She got in bed with me around 6:00 and I thought she was going to be wide awake. But, she slept with me until 8! That was wonderful. We played with some of her new toys. She took and nap and I got ready. We went to Kohl's and Target to get some more Christmas gifts. We came home and played and napped until Daddy got home. She is really starting to squirm around. She dances, claps, and talks a lot. I can really feel her tooth coming through on the bottom. It doesn't seem to bother her other than a runny nose and drool.
Hope everyone has a great week!

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