Friday, August 19, 2011

Shelby's Baptism

Sweet Shelby after her 3 hour nap

The lady of the hour.

The Schoonovers; Ryan, Carla, Natalie, and Connor

All of the granddaughters

The Wilson Family

The Street Family

Kate and Shelby

Amanda and Kate

Kate and Claire

This past Sunday we baptized our sweet angel, Shelby. We were so lucky to have family and friends come in to share in the celebration. My prayer for Shelby (and Claire) is to know God as her Lord and Savior. I hope that Bucky and I will help guide our girls to live a life with God at the center. As we went up in front of the church as a family, I couldn't help but tear up thinking about the blessing He has bestowed upon us. Shelby has brought so much love and happiness into our home. She has the sweetest smile and a special light in her eyes. She is truly a gift from God and I am glad we were able to baptize her in front of so many people who love her. Thank you to everyone who made it a special day.

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