Monday, June 15, 2009

Gulf Shores

First night on the beach

Playing in the sand at LuLu's

Claire really liked playing on the beach during the evening

At the Gulf Shores Zoo

Looking at monkeys

At the petting zoo. Claire called everything a horse.

Riding in the wagon at the zoo

Bucky and I took Claire to Gulf Shores this past weekend. She has been on the beach at my sister's, but only while I was holding her. She loves her sandbox and the pool so I thought she was going to be all about it. When we got there Thursday night, she had a ball. She was running into the ocean. She wasn't scared at all! She had so much fun. I thought we would be at the beach the whole time. I was wrong. She slept great in her pack-n-play and had fun in the condo. It was nice and the pool was just right out our door. We went out to the beach Friday morning with all of our stuff. Claire got sunscreen in her eye and it was all down hill. She cried and wanted to be held. We took her in, fed her and she slept for a while. We tried again. It was even worse. She was hungry and I think the sun was too bright. We headed to the pool and she quickly recovered. Friday night we went to LuLu's. It was so much fun. It has a great atmosphere. We waited and hour and a half for a table. There was a lot to do. They have a beach area with sand and toys for kids, a bar, and a gift shop. We ordered appetizers and let Claire play. She has so much fun playing with big kids. She basically just wanted to walk around and let everyone tell her how cute she was. And they did!
Saturday morning we decided to try something different. We got up and swam. Claire slept for over 2 hours. We then went to eat lunch at the Gulf Shores Steamer and then to the Gulf Shores Zoo. It was only about 2 miles from our condo. It was pretty good but really hot. Claire didn't quite get it. She still had fun. Then we drove to Fort Morgan. Bucky really wanted to see it but we didn't get out. We came back and went to a shop across the street and got ice cream. Claire took another really good nap and we went out to the beach. She had so much fun. She actually played and walked and talked to people. I guess it was the sun in her eyes or something the first day. Who knows! We came home pretty early Sunday morning to get back in the swing of things. Bucky and I had so much fun together. We all rested and did exactly what we wanted to do; we were together.

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