Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bucky's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

Bucky and Larson

Meredith, Claire, and Bucky

Happy Birthday Bucky!

Larson had to help

Smith, Larson, and Claire

Jennifer, Hal, and Matt

Britton, The Schumachers, The Corbitts, The Neighbors (10months pregnant), The Verars

The Harkins

The Floyds; Kanda, Peyton, Addison, and Chris

The Streets

The Slaughters; Mindy and Jake

Me and squirmy

On Saturday, I surprised Bucky with a birthday party at Sante Fe. He will be 30 on July 2. I emailed out invitations and we had a great response. Bucky had fun and I think he was surprised. Thank you to everyone who came. We had so much fun celebrating a big milestone in Bucky's life. We really appreciate you giving up your Saturday night to be with us.

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The Patterson Family said...

Good job, Meredith, and Happy Birthday to Bucky!