Wednesday, May 6, 2009

12 Month Check-up

Claire went last week for her 12 month check-up. It was pretty un-eventful, even with shots. Dr. Greer said she is very healthy and we should be proud. Of course we are!
WEIGHT: 2olb 4oz (just under 50% percentile)
HEIGHT: 28.5 inches (just under 50% percentile)
HEAD CIR: I didn't write down but is was just under 50% percentile

Very well proportioned and growing like a weed. She is getting much better at walking and is loving her new sandbox. We are very happy to have a health, sweet little girl. Thank you Lord!

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Poks said...

She is so cute, Meredith! Is she practicing to be a pharmacist in the last two pictures? - Robin