Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I have known Bucky since he was 18 years old. We have both grown a lot. Over the years, he has become an amazing husband and father. He loves us very much and makes it a point to tell all 3 of us everyday. I am very thankful our daughters have a strong man to look to as their father.

Some things I admire about Bucky as father/husband:

~he is a hard worker

~he loves to laugh and make people laugh

~he is honest and faithful

~he is level-headed

~he is patient and kind

~his love for me, Claire, and Shelby is unwavering

~he is predictable (wearing Wranglers and a plaid shirt every day since I have known him!)

~he is easy to please

~he always knows what I am thinking

~he is not afraid to wear a pink hair bow and have a tea party

~he makes beautiful daughters

~he steps up as a parent when I am ready to back down

~he always does what is best for our family

~he loves with whole heart

Happy Father's Day, Bucky! We love you very much!

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