Friday, August 21, 2009

Playtime with Claire

Saying 'cheese' for the camera

Claire playing with friends at Julie and Kendall's house

Jam session

Natalie driving Emeri's car

Claire taking her babies for a spin

Playing at home with Mommy
I realize I haven't posted in almost a month. Sorry I am little behind. As you can see, we stay busy. Claire is so much fun. We have been playing with our friends a lot lately. She likes to get out of the house and go places. We try to see our playgroup friends about once a week. Those mommies and babies are such a blessing to us. I enjoy the company so much and it is really helping Claire's social interaction. Claire is really good a entertaining herself for short periods of time. She loves to play with her friends, but especially NaNa (Natalie). She is sweet to her friends, shares, and gives lots of hugs & kisses. Her sweet little personality amazes me every day. I love my time with her and seeing her develop into a little lady.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Happy 16 months Claire!

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Carla said...

happy 16 months claire! we love playing with you too! :)