Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekend with the Wilsons and Jowers


Kate and Claire playing in Gran's backyard

Will and Daniel

This is how Will and Daniel play together now. Wrestling.

Claire gathering toys

Enjoying popsicles from the ice cream truck
We had a fun weekend in Bham with my whole side of the family. We went up Friday afternoon to stay with my mom and dad for the weekend. We mostly played at Gran and PePaw's house and ate out some. We went Saturday morning to the Farmer's Market at Ross Bridge. It was fun and low key. I would recommend it to anyone who lives close. We enjoyed seeing our cousin, Rusty, who lives in Virginia now. I haven't seen him since our wedding (I think). He came Saturday with his wife and step-son. That was a nice visit. We went to eat Mexican food Saturday night. We always have fun when our whole family is together. It is a lot more hectic with all of the kids, but we love it. You can see Claire's face in most of the pictures is confused. She is used to quiet adults so when she is around active little boys, she makes some faces! Claire and I left Sunday to go to the beach with the Street/Streit side of the family. I will post some pictures of it tomorrow or Friday. We had a great time with all of our family. We are more than blessed and happy to be home safe!

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